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Sidewalk Project (Survey)

                                                                                           Sidewalk Grant Questions

1.  Do you feel the City of Jacksonville needs to improve mobility options for its citizens?

2.  Have you ever walked on Jackson St. due to the lack of sidewalks in the area?

3.  Have you ever come across a motorized scooter driving down Jackson St.?

                                        a.  If so where? 

                                        b.  How many times? 

4.  Would you support the installation of sidewalks on South Jackson Street (US69) from ETMC south to Kelly Street?

5.  Would you like to see the project completed as one construction project or multiple projects?

6.  How do you feel about construction on the project taking 10 months or longer, looking at possible lane closures on Jackson Street?

7.  Do you feel the construction time frame is worth the mobility improvement of the city?

8.  Would the construction cause you not to visit the businesses affected by the construction?

9.  Where else would you like to see the city make sidewalk improvements?

10.  Any other comments you would like to give on the proposed sidewalk grant?